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Agathe D.

Pascale has been an absolute and incredible support for me throughout my pregnancy and on the day of the birth (and even after!). I couldn’t have asked for a more attentive, emotionally connected and truly gentle doula. I started the journey with a lot of fears and wanting a hospital birth, we untangled so many things together which lead me to fully trust my body and mind to (unexpectedly) deliver my baby girl at home in total serenity. It was a wonderful experience and I am beyond grateful to Pascale for everything.


Marine A.

I met Pascale while I was in my second pregnancy. I was stunned by the efficiency of her practice: I arrived with a problem in my hip, which made walking difficult. When I left the problem was gone and never came back! I love her approach, her passion, her authenticity, the time she is dedicating to each client, her tailored approach, her way to explain what she is doing, and most importantly the efficiency of her practice. The massage is, in addition to be therapeutic, extremely relaxing and leaves a fantastic feel good state. Pascale was also my doula and I feel very grateful for it: she was a great help to make the birth happen as I wanted it, a beautiful natural birth.

Arnaud A.

Pascale gave me some very useful tips (accupressure points) to help my wife during childbirth. She was not planned to be there on the delivery day so I had to be good! I trained well there and I was ready.

Finally, fortunately on D-Day she was able to come and help me, it was a really precious help!
Thanks to Pascale who did (among other things) all the massages to relieve, I was able to focus on other aspects less tiring for me, I was more useful thanks to her. Great Doula!

Tiphaine M.

Arrived at 8 months of pregnancy, insomnia was invited every night at my house ... I was exhausted and very anxious that the big day was approaching. I was afraid I wouldn't be up to the task. That's when I met Pascale: My savior! After a first session already I felt more soothed and the nights were finally calmer! 

I continued the sessions until the delivery and this allowed me to be fully rested and ready both physically and mentally.
A big thank you to you Pascale! You allowed me to have a peaceful end of pregnancy and a wonderful delivery! You have fairy hands!


Leanne T.

Words cannot describe how grateful I am to have Pascale with me during my delivery. I was looking for a female support figure during my delivery but I couldn’t find any, and Pascale came in at the best moment. I wished I knew how magical an experience it would be to have a doula with me throughout my pregnancy, and that is something that I will definitely look into if I ever have a next pregnancy again – and hopefully I would be living in the same country as Pascale when and if that ever happens! I highly recommend Pascale in general to all my friends, and my pregnant mama friends (now even my kraamzorg wants to hire her too!!). Not only is Pascale an amazing Doula, she is highly skilled in acupressure massage too. During my whole delivery process, not once did she leave my side. She had the perfect balance of support and discreetness when my husband was by myside. I had a long contraction time before the dilation was right, and Pascale reassured me throughout every moment. I had a rather smooth delivery and it is all because Pascale was there to hold such a safe and warm space for me throughout the entire delivery process. My husband was so thankful that she there to support us. If you are ever looking for a doula, Pascale is your best option! She is highly experienced and has such a warm and loving presence, you will feel so calm despite how intense labor can be at times!

Alice U.

Pascale's holistic approach helped me to overcome the trauma of my first birth, empowering me and giving me the tools to have the natural second birth I was dreaming of.
She was a reassuring and calming presence before and during birth.
My experience of the birth exceeded my expectations, as it was truly magical.

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better doula to prepare the arrival of my second child, and I truly recommend her services to all mothers who wish to have a positive birth experience! 

Maylis V.

Pascale accompanied me for my third pregnancy -although it was the third I really appreciated her advice; her massages helped me to have a peaceful pregnancy without :) pains.

By her presence during the birth, I felt supported and I lived a beautiful birth.

I highly recommend Pascale, not only for her infinite knowledge of women's bodies but also for her calmness, softness and professionalism.

Manon M.

Pascale is a wonderful doula who was a great listener and a guide to accompany me in this unique moment of childbirth. She was able to reassure me, relieve me and help my partner participate.

A strong human experience. Highly recommend.

Julie T.

Pascale has been super nice and helpful when i needed it the most. She is truly knowledgeable and kind to always give you advice and re assurance. Definitely would recommend her to anyone cause not only the practice has been very helpful but also the word she is using gave me confidence and power. Thanks very very much again!

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