I think that pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a woman's life and all women deserve to feel the best throughout it.


I Listen and support the mother-to-be to allow her to share her emotions, her fears, all the changes in her body in order

to embrace her maternity.

Hand by the Sea


Have a balanced body before, during and after your pregnancy

Pregnant Woman by Birch


Feel supported during

 your pregnancy with a personalized follow-up

Water Birth

Doula support

Be supported through pregnancy, birth and postpartum by a trusted person

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Pascale Lamacchia


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Yoga at Home

Maryline D.

"She was incredibly resourceful to provide me with the right support during the challenging parts of my pregnancy, labor and post-partum. ....Pascale helped tremendously with all her knowledge as a professional and intuition to overcome the situation quickly and find the solutions that made my dream Birth Plan come true at the end.

Suus V.R

Very pleased with Pascale! She helped me by massaging me in my 41st pregnancy week with a massage based on acupuncture points. She works in a gentle way and has a lot of expertise also because of her experience as a doula. You can also tell she really likes helping and make sure the visit is helpful for you. The place was very clean. Wish I had known about her a bit earlier in my pregancy!

Morgane B.

"It was a great session; super interesting discussion, Pascale explained me her technique and all the theory around the meridians etc. I found it fascinating. Her massage definitely made me more relaxed for the delivery (I did not have specific pain but I did have a couple of tension points obviously).
The delivery went very well, it even went according to plan (that says something). I cannot know for sure if there was a link, but Pascale definitely had a positive influence on the end of the pregnancy and maybe on the smooth delivery.