Preconception retreat for couples

I suggest an holistic approach to understand how the body works with the Chinese Medicine concept and how to help it to be ready to conceive a child

It takes two people in love and healthy to have a baby so my offer is a couple retreat in order to optimize the chances to become parents.

It includes the following sessions :


Day 1 :

  • 1 joint session (1h) to explain the Chinese holistic approach to prepare the body to conceive

  • 1 session (1h) each regarding nutrition and advise


Day 2 :

  • 1 joint session (1h30) of              Do-In/Qiqong/meditation

  • 1 session (1h30) each of     meridian therapy which is a combination of general reflexology (head, feet, hands, ears), acupressure and focused massages on the meridian tracks through the body 

  • 1 joint session (1h) as closure of the retreat


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