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I suggest an holistic approach to understand how the body works with the Chinese Medicine concept and how to help it to be ready to conceive a child. 

It takes two people in love and healthy to have a baby so the best is to prepare the couple in order to optimise the chances to become parents.

My suggestion is to work on the body and the mind

During the first session with both of you,  I'll explain the Chinese holistic approach to prepare the body to conceive and the importance of nutrition and relaxation.

Then I'll meet each of you separately for the second session. We'll discuss about your medical history and then I'll proceed to a meridian therapy treatment which is a combination of general reflexology (head, feet, hands, ears), acupressure and focused massages on the meridian tracks through the body. It rebalances the hormone system and the whole body in general.

More than one treatment might be needed to help you on the conception path, it depends on each person particularities.​

This global approach will bring you a new way of considering your life. You will feel reconnected to your body and make changes for the better.

You will bring your couple and your family to a new level of consciousness, balance and happiness.

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