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Feminity blossom retreats 

I have developed self tailored retreats to help women at any stage of their lives to reconnect to their femininity.

It includes the following sessions :


Day 1 :

  • 1 session (1h30) to explain my holistic approach to balance the body, including a nutrition consultation and advise according to the objective of the retreat

  • 1 session (1h30) of meridian therapy which is a combination of general reflexology (head, feet,hands, ears), acupressure and focused massages on the meridian tracks through the body 


Day 2 :

  • 1 session (1h30) of Do-In / Qiqong / meditation self tailored to your needs

  • 1 session (1h30) of meridian therapy and relaxation

I provide a customised treatment plan specifically for my patients,  so feel free to connect to learn more 

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