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Supporting you at birth
Holistic birth Doula


We first meet to check if we match together because if you choose me we're going to share one of the most important day of your life.


Giving birth is about knowing what is going to happen in your body, releasing tensions and also clearing the mind from emotional blockages.

According to my experience here is what you need to get prepared for the birth of your baby :

- Theorical birth preparation (birth plan, how to ease the intensity of the contractions, positions and breathing exercises)

- Monthly body treatment to release the symptoms of the pregnancy (Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, joints pains, sciatica, acidic reflux, cramps, contractions, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome)

- Body energetic preparation : two to three specific preparation treatments to prepare the body for the birth

- EFT (Emotional freedom technique) sessions to get rid of fears or/and traumas

My objective is to tailor my offer in order to give you what you need to prepare you the best for the due date.

The last weeks of the pregnancy I keep closely in touch with you by WhatsApp.

During the birth itself I'll support in person providing the following :


  • On call to be with you as soon as possible when you need 

  • Calm, security, support and attention  you need respecting the phase of labor you are in

  • Specific massage/accupressure to release the intensity of the contractions

  • Encourage and help your partner to get as involved as he/she wants in supporting you during the labor

  • Ensure sure that your birth plan is respected and , if needed, advice to help you adapt to different situations

  • Empathic presence by your side adapting to your  needs, reinforcing your confidence, empowering you to manage your labour.

  • Counceling and advice in case decisions have to be made during the labor

  • I stay with you until the last phase of the birth has occured and only leave when you are fully settled.

I am very empathic, and there to support you , help you relax , be your self and merge into the experience and special time


Being there for you after birth
Holistic Post-partum Doula

After birth, there are 40 days called in some cultures the "Golden month" which are essential for the mother, the baby and the new family as a transition with their new life. 

Why 40 days ? This is the time needed to integrate a new habit! For example, to anchor a feeling of security, or confidence in one's ability to be a mother.

Why is this period essential ?

Physically : the uterus and the pelvis need to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth. The more the mother rests and limits her physical efforts during this period, the easier her body will recover.


Energetically : the sexual energy is emptied at the time of childbirth, her pelvis is still open and her magnetic field is still vulnerable following childbirth. It will take 40 days for the mother to fully regain her sexual energy, her inner fire, allowing time and rest to work, as well as avoiding exhaustion, doing only the minimum for herself and her baby. Taking care of this time means taking long-term care of yourself, for mother and baby, partner and siblings.


Emotionally : childbirth also requires a time of integration. Becoming a mother can lead to a loss of old landmarks and the installation of new ones. A whole new energy arrives in the family and transition time, can be beneficial for the whole family, so that everyone finds their rightful place before returning again to the outside world. A time so that the mother can also fully explore the parts of her that may not yet be fully ready to become a mother, and that she can receive and recharge her batteries before intensely supporting the first years of her life with her child.

For the newly arrived child, energetically sharing the magnetic field of his mother and in an important phase of impregnation and adaptation, be close to his mother and that she can be fully attentive to her needs during the first 30/40 days (without having to think too much about housework, visits, meals and siblings) will bring him a multitude of benefits in the short and very long term!

I can be there to support you when your baby arrives, to facilitate your recovery time and your availability for your child :

TREATMENT : reflexology, head massage, meditation, qiqong


SUPPORT : active listening, kindness and guidance (advice and information), breastfeeding support


COOKING : on-site preparation of meals adapted to recovery

OTHERS : small grocery (for the preparation of the meals)



Why would you hire a Doula ?

To get a continuous support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum

A Doula is there to support the couple through the journey of becoming parents.


She can provide information so that the couple can make its choices about how they ideally want their baby to come to earth and support them whatever happens.


She's discrete and helps the medical team to support the mother through the birth process.


After birth she can provide post-partum services (treatment, support, cooking).

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