Do-In is a practice of auto-massages on the whole body to make the energy flow through the meridian tracks.


The Chinese call it "health gymnastic" because it allows the body to stay balanced using stretching exercices to make the energy flow in the meridian tracks with an efficient breathing.


Mindfulness. Technique to calm your mind and relax the body.


The birthing process is organised by the primary brain. During the pregnancy the mother needs to exercise meditation in order to accept this physiological process and let go.


Through meditation sessions, she'll get in this quiet place where she is fully grounded in her body in order to let the body go through the process of birth.


Do-In, Qiqong and Tai Chi are technics that can be used on their own or combined in order to fit your individual needs. They will help you relax and be grounded thanks to a correct breathing.

Session 60mn 30 € incl. VAT

Do-In, Qiqong and Meditation

I like to provide a customised treatment plan specifically for my patients,  so please get in touch so that we can can find what is best suited for you.

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