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Chinese Medicine and Pregnancy

In Chinese medicine, the body has to be prepared up to 9 months before conception. It's important to improve the nutrition by eating according to the body’s chronobiologic needs. 

During the pregnancy, the body changes very quickly, creating sometimes painful tensions and blockages which can be exhausting :

Nausea, vomiting, fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, joints pains, sciatica, acidic reflux, cramps, contractions, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome.

I usually meet with my pregnant patients once a month and provide support based on her needs as her pregnancy is evolving. We focus on unblocking blockages and balancing breathing.


My technique is a combination of general reflexology (head, feet, hands, ears), acupressure and focused massages on the meridian tracks through the body

Pregnancy follow-up

During the

1st trimester

 I massage on the meridian tracks to ease the nausea sensations and unblock the tensions in the lower belly. The massage on the whole body is relaxing and helps in breathing deeply for a mind and body balance

During the

2nd trimester

The development of the baby is quick and the woman’s metabolism is under stress to support the growing life inside of her. The massage helps the body to cope with all the needs of the body for the growing baby

During the
3rd trimester

It is essential to release the tensions in the lower belly and sacrum. It is also very important to learn how to use breathing to relax, keep calm and accept what is going on with the body

Preparing the partner to support through labor

I show the partner the acupressure points that can be pressed during labor to help the pregnant woman to cope with the contractions. I also give tips about positions and all the support the partner can bring to the labouring mother

Body preparation
for the Birth

3 massages (at 37, 38weeks and 39 weeks) are impactful enough to prepare the body for the birth. I target specific meridians on the  the body

Postpartum massage

I give a massage to help the body restore the energy flow back to normal. I usually offer a baby check especially in case of a complicated birth

I provide a customised treatment plan specifically for my patients,  so feel free to connect to learn more 

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