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I'm a French, mother of two children born in 1996 and 1999. 

I have a university degree in International Trade and languages.


After the births of my two children, I felt like reorienting myself towards maternity care. In 2002, I tried to train as a mid-wife for which I did a stage at the clinic Majorelle in Nancy. I assisted some births but eventually I could not start these studies for personal reasons. 


I discovered Chinese Medecine in 2004 as a patient and I’ve been more and more interested in this holistic and preventative approach since then.

In 2008, after breaking my shoulder, I used Do-In, Qiqong and Tai Chi during my long healing process. These were a revelation from my first lesson. I started practicing intensively,  it made me balanced mentally and physically.

I decided to change job and started school again.

My trainings :


* 2011-2013 : Training and Graduation as a QiQong and Tai Chi teacher at Sakura school (trained by Alain Jacopino, Maître Kenji Tokitsu and Docteur Yayama).


* 2013 :

- Diploma in Anatomy and Pathology

- Diploma in Reflexology and Meridian Therapy at « Bacchetta » school


* 2014 :

- Specialization for pregnancy follow-up and birth preparation in Chinese medicine


* 2015-2016 :

- Training as a doula at BIA Doula Amsterdam

* 2019 :  workshop with Isabelle Challut "Accompagner la vie", regarding the support at birth and at death.

* 2020 :

- Training as a Feng Shui practitioner with The Feng Shui Lab

- Spinning Babies workshop

* 2021 :

- Training "Trusting Birth"with Liliana Lammers and Michel Odentwho are active in defending natural physiologic birth

- Training in EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Noëlle Cassan (to help my patients with a new tool using acupuncture points)

* 2023 :

- Training in Auriculotherapy with Nadia Volf school Académie Dr Nadia Volf | Acuseminars (

* Since 2019 :  Participation to a French Doulas group based in Amsterdam called “Nouvelles Mamans” to inform and support pregnant French women with all the themas around pregnancy and birth.


*Since 2021 : voluntary work at "Le Village" (association of two French woman to organise post-partum support for French expats in Amsterdam


A Holistic approach to healing

For part of my training I went to China in the centre médical taoïste de Maître Wan Su Jian. I felt totally convinced by the healing process of the energetic massages and that a holistic medicine approach was best for me.

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