About Me

From Italian origins, I spent my childhood in Haute-Savoie (France). As a child I was interested in Human Sciences and philosophy but after graduating, I started a technology diploma in International affairs and then a university diploma in Trade and languages.


After the births of my two children en 1996 and 1999, I felt like reorienting myself towards maternity care. In 2002, I tried to train as a mid-wife for which I did a stage at the clinic Majorelle in Nancy. I assisted some births but eventually I could not start these studies for personal reasons. 


I discovered Chinese Medecine in 2004 as a patient and I’ve been more and more interested in this holistic and preventative approach since then.

In 2008, after breaking my shoulder, I used Do-In, Qiqong and Tai Chi during my long healing process. These were a revelation from my first lesson. I started practicing intensively,  it made me balanced mentally and physically.

In 2011 I started my training to become a QiQong and Tai Chi teacher with Sakura school and I graduated in 2013. I have also been trained by Alain Jacopino, Maître Kenji Tokitsu and Docteur Yayama.


Then, I did a diploma in Anatomy and Pathology and trained in Ayurvedic Massages.  I followed this joining  the school « Bacchetta » to learn Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. I got specialised for pregnancy follow-up and birth preparation in Chinese medicine.


I opened my cabinet in 2013 and I started to follow lots of pregnant women. My method ease the symptoms, prepare the body for the birth and re-balance it after the baby is born


Some parents were asking me to support them during the birth so I decided to train as a doula at BIA Doula, in Amsterdam. I trained in 2015 and 2016 and I moved to the Netherlands in 2017.


In this country I feel totally in tune with the process for pregnancy, birth and post-partum. They consider birth as a natural process for which the woman body is totally prepared for. Ina May Gaskin's conference I attended in 2016 sums it up saying “less is more”.


So I started supporting women with no-risk pregnancies, with one or more midwives, through their natural home births. I felt again totally at the right place assisting these natural minimal intervention births in the cosiness of these women’s homes.


Since 2019, I've joined a French Doulas group based in Amsterdam. Our FaceBook page is called “Nouvelles Mamans” to inform and support pregnant French women with all the themas around pregnancy and birth.

In 2020, I trained as a Feng Shui practitioner with The Feng Shui Lab to optimise the energy in the living or working environment.

In 2021, I've joined "The Village" which is an association of two French woman to organise post-partum support for French expats in Amsterdam. I'm a "marraine" supporting women during 4 weeks after birth (breastfeeding advice, emotional support, help with the baby...).

I've also had the pleasure to participate to the 3 days training "Trusting Birth"of Liliana Lammers and Michel Odent, who are active in defending natural physiologic birth. Their training gave us the conditions to support undisturbed natural births.


A Holistic approach to healing

For part of my training I went to China in the centre médical taoïste de Maître Wan Su Jian. I felt totally convinced by the healing process of the energetic massages and that a holistic medicine approach was best for me.

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